Willkommen in Berlin!

I made it! Berlin was dark, cold and rainy when I arrived. But that didn’t cool down my excitement even a bit. By the time we were ready to explore the city, the rain stopped and the night began.

We walked along Spree (I need to figure out how to pronounce it):

Got some German fare and 🍺. Though I’m not sure how German is a deep fried pear…

I got liverwurst, blood sausage and boiled pork belly:

Matt got a feast plate:

Then we walked along Spree a bit more with some stops at drinking establishments:

Stumbled upon East Side Gallery, which is basically one long mural:

Got into some night clubs with interesting ceiling fixtures (I guess that was the most exciting part of that one particular club):

And finished the night with a snack:

This giant chicken kebab was only 4.5 euros! And I couldn’t pass on pairing it with ayran.

I think night life in Berlin needs a lot more exploring. And that’s our plan.


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