Welcome to Hawaii Big Island

After all the time wasted in the airport, we finally made it to Kona on Big Island. It was late, we were​ tired and cranky, so there was no initially anticipated excitement or fascination with anything. Not with the airport terminal without a roof, not with the nature hidden by night, not with our hotel tucked away from the road behind palm trees.

The morning after started to remedy our grumpy souls. First, there was breakfast in a cafe with the view and live Hawaiian music.

Then the gym… Yes, the gym is a great cure for crankiness 🙂

Then lunch. Another delicious poke bowl with taro, soybeans and a side of dried beef

After all of the above, it was finally time to do what people do in Hawaii: chilling on the beach. Though as always, we didn’t pick an easy option. Instead, we unintentionally decided to visit a beach that involved driving and hiking through a dried lava field.

Cool, right?

Almost an hour hike paid off though

Actually, we even found chickens and roosters on that beach. Never even imagined a rooster under a palm​tree on the beach…

The only disruptors of our piece were airplanes coming into the airport nearby

Although, I have to say: we are not big on beach type of activities… After two hours of chilling, it was time to move on to the next adventure. Night snorkeling with Manta Rays!

Well… I don’t have pictures from the actual experience… It’s a long story of how our analytic and engineering brains couldn’t figure out how to charge a newly acquired underwater camera.  I am still disappointed that I don’t have any photo evidence, but back then I tried to learn from Matt to be in the moment and just enjoy the experience.

If you ever have a chance, do it! Go swim with Manta Rays! Especially, if you scuba dive.


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