Under water and above clouds

Ok… As usual, let’s start with food 🙂

A typical Hawaiian lunch… The menu was so overwhelming! Hawaiian food seems to be a mix of everything imaginable in the best sense.

I settled for ox tail soup and mini Loco Moco. Yep, I ate it all!

But lunch was not the only thing we did that morning… Guess what! We went to the gym 🙂 and then did some snorkeling. This time I was ready with that stupid camera! But my underwear photo skills need some improvement.

There were some sea turtles!

And Matt was chasing them hard

To be honest, I suck at snorkeling… I almost had a panic attack at one point. Why you ask? I don’t know. I just couldn’t figure how to breath properly. It’s quite embarrassing but I’m not giving up! More snorkeling to come.

From underwater to above clouds… That was our afternoon

Mauna Kea, the highest peak in Hawaii

A perfect spot for sunset and star gazing for astronomers and the rest of us

Sunset went as gorgeous as anticipated

Stargazing… Well, the moon was too bright for a perfect experience (I know, there is always something to complain about LOL), so if you ever do this, pick a day with new moon. But looking at the Moon and Jupiter through telescope was actually cool. What a day…


  1. imalinka

    К стати, в ночь на 3 декабря (сегодня) будет Суперлуна. У нас голубого неба не видно уже недели три. Может у вас будет видно

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