Trains on ferries

Next destination – Copenhagen! I didn’t know much about Denmark or Copenhagen before this trip. We picked this city because it was convenient to get to from Berlin and Matt had never been there before. 

Our mode of transportation – train with a transfer in Hamburg. I was quite amuzed at the train station in Berlin. Compared to what I’m used (in Ukraine and even the US), the system is passenger friendly. For example, each train arrives on the same track every time and it’s easy to locate your car ahead of time based on the provided map. So civilized! 

We booked fancy seats in the first class and ended up getting the whole compartment to ourselves. Matt could play with Mario without using headphones. That made him happy.

I knew that we had to cross the strait from Germany to Denmark and I assumed it will by bridge (or maybe tunnel). I was wrong. Apparently, trains can travel on ferries!

And those ferries are so big that they fit many cars, a few restaurants and stores (in addition to a complete train). It didn’t feel like we were on a boat.

Until we checked out the deck: 

Here’s the proof of 🚆 on a ⛵:

At the end of the trip I had a sneak peek in the conductor’s cabin. Looks pretty techie.

And then it was time to explore Copenhagen! 


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