The old art

Pergamonmuseum. The most visited museum in Germany. It is not big, so you can see it in one hour. We spent two (after standing in line for maybe 20 minutes). 

Unfortunately, pictures don’t reflect the beauty of the old art even approximately.

This is Ishtar gate to Babylon. Actually, it’s a small part of it. Reconstructed tile by tile.

And this is Market Gate of Miletus. Also reconstructed from 60% of the original.

I wish we could see how all these gates looked in real life…

The visit to Pergamonmuseum made me feel a bit better about my art appreciation skills.

Next stop was supposed to be Berliner Dom, a grandiose looking cathedral. But when we showed up the door was locked even though the sign said it was open. After few minutes of yanking the door, someone finally came out and informed us that the church was closed but we could still climb up to the dome. Ok, at least something. Well, they still made us wait outside for another 10 minutes. A lot of other tourists came by and yanked the door. We relayed the information to some of them, but not all. There was only this much desire and energy to perform someone else’s duties.

Eventually we made it to the dome. It was raining, it was windy, but the views were ok I guess.

This picture is worth a thousand words… Right?

We also checked out the cript where they keep lots of dead bodies in frequently creepy looking coffins.

Matt tried to cheer up some of the residents.

For dinner we decided to get some real German food again. Our ntravel guide suggested Max and Moritz in Kreuzberg. Boiled potatoes and sauerkraut are omnipresent on dinner plates…


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