The Caledonian Speeper

It takes about four hours to get from London to Edinburgh by a regular train. However, I thought it would be cool to take a sleeper train that leaves just before midnight and arrives after 7am. Based on multiple British movies (well, at least one) that featured sleeper trains (it was actually traveling through Maroccan desert), I imagined something very British aka fancy. As an extra benefit, it also helped to save money on a hotel for one night and time not spent being stuck on a train during active tourist hours.

For various reasons, we made it to the train station more than an hour before departure time, expecting to wait for boarding for at least another 40-50min. But the boarding had already started, so we excitedly started schlepping luggage into our car. Hm… There was a lot less space than I anticipated. Our suitcase didn’t fit into the aisle (though I admit we had a huge suitcase) and had to be carried sideways. Another red flag was a question from the conductor whether we wanted to store our stuff in a storage car. Matt at first declined the offer as he couldn’t comprehend not fitting all our possessions within our cabin with us. Haha… so naive. That stupid cabin could barely fit the two of us! Even Ukrainian trains are more generous with space, personal or communal.

Another bummer was that we couldn’t open the window (by design) or the curtain (by a broken spring)… The anticipation of a sleep in a tight hot closed space made us even thirstier for a drink. Sipping scotch in a train bar makes everything better.

Fast forward to the morning after not such a bad nightsleep. We were awoken by the prepaid breakfast arrival. I was really looking forward to it because after a week in London I still hadn’t tried full English breakfast. What could be more exciting than having full British breakfast on a real British train from London to Edinburgh?


Not exactly what I was hoping for. Oh well… At least I finally tried blood pudding (that small dark substance in a bottom left corner) and it wasn’t half bad.

20 minutes later we arrived to fairy Edinburgh!


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