Tate Modern

Modern art is a mystery to me… But I think Tate Modern does a great job of explaining and guiding ignorants like me.

This one, for example… Looks hilarious and nonsensical at first. Then I read about it… It represents what white people did to Africa. I won’t attempt to explain it myself, but now I kind of feel it.

Radio tower represents modern Babylon… A lot of them were turned on and tuned to different channels.

Something more familiar…

This one was huge compared to the real life thing (don’t remember how it’s called) to represent huge egos of veterans that ruled USSR

Do you see a paper clip?

Or hundreds of them

Well this one is just a rand picture. They were kicking us out and I didn’t have time to read. But it proves the point that I’m ignorant about modern art… If I don’t read about it, it just looks like a bunch of potato sacks.

Overall, we explored around 1/8 of the museum in about 3 hours. I was overwhelmed and depressed afterwards… 20th century was screwed up and 21st is not shaping up better than that. So much inspirational material for the artsy world!


  1. Yulia Zamriy

    Это мы туфли купили… вот он с ними целый день и носился

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