Sunday at Spitalfields Market

Per Hurry’s (our food tour guide) recommendation, I persuaded Matt to return to Spitalfield area again on the next day after the food tour.  Spitalfield is in East End and has an amazing food scene. But it’s also a home to one of the best markets in London on Sundays.

I was in the mood for shopping! The initial intent was to buy souvenirs for other people, but it was a lie. I wanted to buy stuff for myself.

First, breakfast though! I wanted to eat at St John again. But apparently (it’s not on Google) they close the kitchen for breakfast at noon and reopen for lunch at 12:30pm. We got there at 11:50am and they turned us down!

To say I was upset would be an understatement. I was hangry! Somehow we have been having bad luck with food in London. OK… there was another supposedly good place (per someone’s recommendation the day before) nearby: Blixen. And we managed to get a table

That was quite a breakfast! Everything breakfast with fresh juice.

Refueled and determined we went to explore the market.

How do we look?

I didn’t take many other pictures because people watching was way more entertaining.

We did buy some souvenirs though… For ourselves 🙂

I got myself a hat. You’ll see more of it. Also each of us got a pair of shoes. I need a picture of that.

By the way, that’s us riding a double decker bus on the way to Tate Modern. These buses are ubiquitous and very convenient to use as public transport.


  1. Кепки мне нравятся .Мет в кепке очень похож на нашего сельского парня.А тебе в твоей Хорошо

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