Meeting old friends in unexpected places

Natasha came all the way from Geneva to hang out with us in Copenhagen!

There was no set plan or agenda. Just having good times with the best friend in a cool city. First, we got lunch at Puk. It seems that restaurants are very busy at lunch at Copenhagen because we got rejected from Restaurant Kronborg (we came back at dinner time and got rejected again) and had to wait at Puk. They serve traditional Danish lunch in the form of open face sandwiches, which seemed small to me so I ordered two just to be safe.

Herrings from the Danish island Christiansø served with red onions, capers and sour cream double

And Fried breaded fillet of plaice served with homemade remoulade and lemon (recommended as house specialty):

Two sandwiches were a bit too much food, but one would not be enough. The combined price? $30… Though I have to admit, there are mediocre restaurants in NYC that can cost as much for lunch as well.

Then we went to National Museum to learn at least something about Denmark’s history. But Matt was disappointed by how little information they provided about vikings. Instead, a lot of rooms were dedicated to the stone age, Christianity, and jewelry.

This is well known the Dagmar Cross. It measures around one inch… So little and so famous.

These were some ceremonial pipes:

We came to museum quite late and didn’t have time to see much before the staff kicked us out. So we decided to switch to a more conversation friendly place and went to Bastard Cafe, The three of us spent a few hours pretending to play board games, and drinking beer for real. It’s a very cool place to spend lazy Sunday afternoon with friends. I wish there was something of that size and character in NYC.

Eventually Natasha had to leave for Geneva. Hopefully, life will bring us more occasions to meet and talk like in good old times.

To cheer up our spirits we went to Tivoli Gardens located in front of the train station. Actually, Matt wasn’t very enthused with the idea of visiting an amusement park (what can beat Orange County fair?!). But it was highly recommended by our city guide and I was curious. At the end of the night, Matt was much more excited than me. They did a great job of creating Christmas atmosphere. Though it is hard to explain why Santa (aka Father Christams) was stationed in an Asian pagoda (aka Pantomime Theater). See first picture below.


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    Сразу же прониклась праздничным настроением!!!

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