Last supper in London

I randomly stumbled upon this place while researching restaurants for dinner in Shoreditch. Apparently, it’s 26th best restaurant in the world ( But I think the best selling point for me was that when I tried booking the table online, they had only one spot available for the month of December. It means it’s really good, right?

Another good omen was that the only spot available fell on a limited timeframe that worked for us given we had to catch a sleeper train later that same evening.

So… The Clove Club. It was so much better than I expected. I was worried we’ll be tired and oversaturated with food experiences from previous days. But no, it was definitely a fun meal.

Our reservation was for the front room for a five course meal. Even though Matt had suggested the night before that we should stick to five courses not to be total gluttons, he had no recollection of his suggestion the night of. Nine courses it was! Though we opted not to order a £50 truffle dish… It seems to be a popular additional option in fancy restaurants, but based on our previous experiences we didn’t think it was really worth it. So much money for something you might not enjoy.

Anyways! We ended up with more than 9 courses as they added small bits and pieces around the main meal. And we couldn’t resist the addition of a cheese course. Don’t judge us!

Snack #1: Frozen borscht aka frozen beet root gazpacho

Don’t remember this one… It’s good I have pictures LOL

The best chicken nuggets I’ve ever eaten… Seriously. Perfectly seasoned crispy coating and juicy meat. Fried haggis. I love haggis. Period.

Trout tartar… I think we liked it

Scallops. Definitely liked it. Every single ingredient, including hazelnuts, fit perfectly according to my unsophisticated taste buds.

Oyster and chestnut broth. Didn’t look appetizing, but it was surprisingly rich. I love soup.

Oh, and I got this beer that they thought was too strong for me. Amateurs! Somehow English can’t handle strong alcoholic beverages, or maybe my Ukrainian genes are finally making a difference in alcohol consumption. But it was delicious and perfect for this meal. Beavertown Phobos.


Chicken taco aka buckwheat pancake. I love everything buckwheat.

Guess what’s in the glass. There is alcohol. 18-year old Madeira (I was so enchanted by the waiter’s story telling that forgot to take a photo of the bottle), but it was watered down by pheasant consomme, fancy word for broth. I guess it needed to be named with a fancy word to be served in a wine glass.

Venison. ‘nough said.

Matt is being fancy…

Cheese… I didn’t know I love blue cheese until I came to London.

Some kind of ice cream. You see that glass on a side? Best dessert wine ever courtesy of sommelier. Didn’t get the name of the wine. But what would be the point anyways since you can’t buy it anywhere… Allegedly.

Apple tart. Again, simple and great.

You get these at the very end as a surprise. Always love those surprises.

Even coffee had to be served in a fancy pot. But it tasted like coffee.

We spent over three hours there… They had to kick us out from our table to the bar area 🙂 But we had nowhere else to go since our train wasn’t until very late.

We left eventually.


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