Kronborg and Louisiana

How do we get the best out of Copenhagen in three days? It was a tough question because there was a lot to see inside and outside the city. There were quite a few different options for day trips near Copenhagen to see castles, museums, and even Sweden. We had to prioritize. The winner on the first day was 🏰 Kronborg, which was 40 minutes north of the city (very convenient by 🚆), standing on a cliff with dramatic views of the sound and Sweden.

The castle was alright. It was interesting to see how royalty and regular people lived 500 years ago in a cold Scandinavian country. Danish kings were not even close to being as opulent as the Prussian ones. Based on my tests, their toilets looked quite uncomfortable (I just couldn’t help myself being silly).

Under the castle they built an expansive system of cavements to host soldiers and other little folks. It was dark (too dark for photos) and cold inside… I would be depressed all the time.

We finished our tour in the afternoon and decided to visit another museum that was halfway back to Copenhagen, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Surprisingly it was open till 10pm, so we had plenty of time to enjoy the art if we wanted to, though I had serious doubts aftery previous experiences.

The museum was huge! There was a large sculpture garden, a few floors, two wings, and many corridors filled with contemporary art. And to feed hungry art lovers there was a real restaurant on premise in addition to a coffee shop. If you think of it, it’s a perfect weeknight date spot.

First, we explored the garden since we were almost out of daylight.

This sculpture just confirmed for me that Joan Miró was a weird guy…

What about a glass cage (Dan Graham, with his glass pavilion with a double-sided mirror – Square Bisected by Curve – from 2008)? Is it art?

Inside we encountered some familiar works from other museums:

And Chinatown market:

But then we saw this!

She is currently running an exhibit in NYC but there are two hour lines to see it. No wait here!

There was a lot of art that looked visually interesting (and yes, I couldn’t make myself to take off all the layer because I was cold):

Then there was art that required explanation:

That’s a pile of dirt from Amazon (only it’s an artificially created copy of that dirt) surrounded by Amazon Alexa.

And just silly art (apparently, it’s the most popular one in the museum).

Overall, we really liked the museum despite it being contemporary and frequently too conceptual. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend to spend there at least half a day.

We took a train back to Copenhagen, found a Mikkeller bar and enjoyed some beers. Funny enough, even though they are technically Danish, they brew their beer in San Diego since it’s their largest market.

For dinner we decided to go to a Danish steakhouse KöD (because Matt 💓 🍖 and can’t live without it).

By the way, I haven’t mentioned yet how expensive Denmark is. It is very! So by our standards, that was a small dinner that cost probably 1.5x more than a similar dinner in NYC. I guess it’s a good city to go on a diet…


  1. Мне очень нравиться фото с огнями и лампочками. Какая-то сказка. А в музей Жана Миро мы в Барселоне ходили?

  2. Это он! После Барселоны я его очень хорошо запомнила, потому что ничего не поняла несмотря на то, что он очень известный…
    А выставка с пампочками – очень известная. Только я не знала, что она во многих местах установлена. Сейчас похожая происходит в НЙ временно, и люди часами ждут в очереди. А мы аж в Дании без очереди попали 🙂

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