In the Highlands: Departure

Guess what? It snowed again.

Like no kidding…

We were supposed to have a falconry display in the morning, but because of road conditions the falcon guy was running very late. And we had to leave to catch a flight back to London 🙁

So we just went for a short hike.

As for the drive back… Our big mistake was to rent a car without four wheel drive and winter tires.

The good thing was that just after 40min of driving South snow flurries turned into nasty rain.

Given we were making good time for our flight, it was nice to make a stop in Perth – cute town on our way to Edinburgh. There was a big historical landmark nearby – Scone Palace, but it was all locked up for the holiday (damn Boxing day!). So we just had to settle for a quick lunch near another good looking church.

And I’ve got soup again. Did you know I love soup?


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