In the Highlands: Day 1

Considering I had issues crossing the streets in London, I wasn’t excited about driving in the UK even though I wasn’t the one driving… Sitting on the wrong side, seeing cars on the wrong side, and making turns to the wrong side wasn’t fun during our first ride. Moreover, the roads in Scotland were narrow and not illuminated.

Matt wasn’t very relaxed either. The picture is deceiving 😉

We got to the place around 6pm, so it was very dark and we couldn’t judge how castle-y was the castle. We just knew it was in the middle of nowhere given what it took to get there.

Well, what do you do when you are in Scottish castle? You drink scotch next to a fireplace…

Some time late in the evening it started snowing. Hence, we woke up to this.

First things first: full Scottish breakfast. This time it was actually awesome.

When we finally made it outside that day, we had our first chance to see the castle in all it’s glory.

I’ll tell you a secret. Dalmunzie wasn’t a real castle, but a hunting lodge. The actual castle used to be nearby, but it didn’t make it to the modern day.

Our first hike was quite exciting given Matt decided that following the trail wasn’t for him. But all the pictures are on my D90.

In the evening, we had a rich entertainment program which included a super cute husky pup Max

A local piper

Chilling on the coach under a deer head

Local gin tasting. On the picture: Bloody Mary with gin. Surprisingly good.

Christmas Eve dinner


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