In the Highlands: Christmas Day

All the snow melted overnight. So much for magic Christmas…

Well, at least I received a small gift from Santa

And the breakfast was predictably delicious.

Right after breakfast we went on a hike. It was a completely different experience compared to the day before because of the lack of snow.

Is it Highlander up there?

We walked up a random hill and played with the wind.

Hang out with sheep.

When we got back to Dalmunzie, it was time for Christmas dinner.

Sarted with the usual: deep fried haggis

Then some mini soup

Beef cheek

Scallop with sheep belly

Finally! Turkey. The most boring…

Pudding for dessert

Given it was dark after 4pm, Explosive Kittens was the only way to entertain ourselves. Along with scotch…


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