Food of East End

We went on a food tour of East End. It was an early birthday present for me 🙂 Matt knows I am always anxious to try everything during our travels. The solution: eat as much as you can in 4 hours!

Bacon sandwich at St. John Bakery (our top pick from the entire tour)

Bread and butter pudding at the English restaurant. Outrageously delicious!

Then we tried cheddar and blue cheese. The smell inside the store was so tempting!

Fish and chips at Poppies. It’s like national food of England. Surprisingly, it tasted light and juicy. The green stuff is mushed peas.

More fried stuff… Why can’t I eat everything?!

Short break from eating at an old fashioned pub with some real ale and cider.

Owner’s father was apparently a free Mason…

Then of course you need to have some curry in Banglatown on Brick lane. Three types of curry are in order of spiciness.

The place was called Alladin… And they made sure you remember that!

Somehow bagels spelled like beigel and taste like rolls… Beigel Bake

Delicious but boring dessert to wrap things up at Pizza East (we didn’t eat pizza)


  1. imalinka

    Стільки всього 😱, я так розумію несподівано смачного. Були в теплих куртках, як там погода?

    1. Yulia Zamriy

      Не так холодно, але вологість висока. Тому в куртках було комфортніше

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