Foggy quirky Copenhagen

Copenhagen itself is not too big. We had walked through the same streets and squares multiple times. And yet I wanted to go on a city walk proposed in the guide book to make sure we didn’t miss anything important. 

Our last day fell on a Saturday. It started with almost clear skies, but clouds returned before noon and the fog came along as well.

We walked through busy commercial streets filled with tourists and young couples pushing through crowds with big strollers. I haven’t noticed this many strollers in previous days. Is Copenhagen not family friendly on weekdays?

Well, Copenhagen is very bike friendly. It’s hard to describe the extent of it. Roads have wide clearly separated bike lanes. Buildings have bike parking lots filled to capacity at all times. People of all ages ride their two-wheelers at all hours of the day.

Cool shops, stores and cafes are everywhere. Look inside the windows and you’ll notice something peculiar almost every time. Here’s a guy making an installation using whole oranges.

Look up and you’ll see a weird plaque or statue on any random building. Zoom in on the picture below and you’ll see that an arrow is sticking out of cherub’s butt whole. Why?!

Look around and you’ll see (and hear) familiar royal guards marching and playing instruments on a busy street far from palaces.

We didn’t get a chance to explore HC Andersen’s Copenhagen (Little Mermaid statue is apparently very little), but at least I got a picture with him.

One last sightseeing stop in Copenhagen was supposed to be City Hall, but it was closed for the day. Only a small room with the World Clock was open for visitors.

And that was it for Denmark. The rest of our last day we spent in Sweden. Yes, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to add new country to our travel list. Especially, if it’s only 30 minutes away by train!


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