Fairytale walk after dark

We arrived to Copenhagen in the afternoon, settled in the hotel that was right near water

and went to explore the city. Well, after getting some food of course. Food is most important. There was a street food marketplace nearby where we got this amazing Brazilian food. It was weird to eat Brazilian first thing in Denmark, but the guy at the stand tempted us by free samples. And chorizo sausage was so delicious that we ordered a whole meal.

Then we went to Christiania. I’m still not sure what that place is. It’s some kind of freedom territory where Denmark laws don’t fully apply. You should definitely read about it as it was quite amuzing.

There was a map at the entrance. 

There was also a list of rules. For example, taking photos was prohibited on the main street called Pusher. Can you guess why? The name says it all. There were dozens of stalls selling drugs (no hard drugs was allowed though).

The place is living off tourists like us. There were stores, galleries, restaurants, dance clubs and a movie theater. I enjoyed walking around in the dark and wished to come back during the day (it didn’t work out unfortunately).

We re-entered the EU without passport control:

And started exploring traditional Copenhagen that was fully equipped for Christmas celebrations in November. We joined the festivities by drinking some glogg (almost the same as mulled wine). It definitely made us merrier. 

Then we walked around and stumbled upon Amelienborg where a change of guards was taking place. As far as I know they are not guarding anyone in particular as the royals don’t live there. 

Copenhagen might be famous for HC Andersen, architecture, channels etc. But I wanted to visit it for Noma (sometimes I know more about food and restaurants than traditional sights when traveling somewhere new). No luck for us though this time (I also knew that ahead of time) as Noma is closed for reinvention. However, we discovered that right across from our hotel there was a restaurant considered to be second best in Copenhagen. It was founded by a Noma graduate (he is actually back to Noma now) to serve Nordic cuisine. And they had a table available that very night! Such things don’t happen in NYC…

We ordered Studio Experience full menu and enjoyed every single dish.

Most of the time when I go to a fancy schmancy restaurant I look forward the most to trying their bread basket and butter. It is one dish that unites all restaurants. And if it sucks, it might leave a stale impression of the entire meal. This time it was so good that we ordered second serving. 


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