Fairy Edinburgh

We arrived while it was still dark, but even the first unlit glimpse of the surrounding architecture and festive adornments got us excited.

After getting rid of the luggage we went to one of very few open coffee shops to wait for places to open.

Cute coffee cups.

The main act of our program was the Castle, so we slowly started making our way up to the top of the hill where it stood.

That was when we discovered that Scotland besides being rainy was also windy… Later on, they actually informed us that we were in the midst of a storm which was too strong even by Scottish standards.

It’s a big castle and we didn’t get to see everything before getting kicked out due to storm. We did see War Museum

Yep, it used to be a live dog.

Very pretty uniform of an army piper.

Then we got some soup. I love soup. Can’t skip soup.

Crown jewels with the exhibits on all Scottish kings.

Royal apartments.


Huge cannons


And just pretty views worthy of suffering under the conditions


After we were forced to leave, we got some lunch. Guess what I had. Soup! I believe it was with parsnips… But I might be lying.

Matt’s got haggis. Real Scottish haggis. Delicious haggis.

And venison pie. Finally! Matt went a safe route with a pile of sausage.

To be honest, I wasn’t very excited to go outside and continue exploring Edinburgh because of how nasty the weather was. The second act of our city tour was supposed to be the Royal Mile, a street with amazing architecture and historical landmarks.

For example, Adam Smith monument.


We made through 1/10th of it and gave up.

Anyways, it was time to pick up the car and drive to Highlands!


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