DR: The day we went snorkeling

My first time ever snorkeling! I was nervous initially, but it was OK, I managed it, even considering a large number of people kicking their feet around my face. We saw some sharks (I don’t know what they did to them to ignore obnoxious people), stingrays, and lots of fish. Despite sharks hanging out on the bottom and us being way above them, I was actually scared…

We don’t have any pictures of that besides the one where we pose with the stingray. So here I have pictures from after the snorkeling where we are practicing posing (I pretend that it’s not posing and Matt is very explicit about it).

This was in some “natural” pool, meaning it was in the open water, but it was shallow and calm and felt like a pool.
IMG_20160328_103155 IMG_20160328_111426 IMG_20160328_111757 IMG_20160328_112747 IMG_20160329_072649


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