Dinner at St John Smithfield

After watching Anthony Bourdain’s Layover in London where he mentioned this restaurant as his most favorite in the world, I had to try it.

We managed to get a reservation for 10pm one evening. Late but I didn’t care. Matt, on the other hand, was rather tired. Oh well… We still both enjoyed it very much!

Even reading this menu was exciting as we had to Google most of the words 🙂 I had to keep it as a souvenir.

Roasted bone marrow is the star of the restaurant and its chef Fergus Henderson. The bones were hot and hard to handle, but it didn’t stop me from scraping every tiny bit of marrow with that fancy pick onto a perfectly toasted piece of bread .

There was another appetizer of pig’s head with vegetables, but it was forgatble after the bone marrow.
For the main, Matt ordered the meatiest dish on the menu: faggots and mash. It took some extensive Google research to figure out what faggot meant in that context. It looked and tasted a bit similar to plain meatballs, but only a bit. But since faggot is made of all sort of ground pork guts (Wikipedia: pig’s heart, liver, fatty belly meat or bacon ), the flavor was a lot more interesting and delicious.

I was debating between kid liver and ox heart,  so the waiter helped me pick the winner.

Ox heart with chips. So simple and yet so delicious and outstanding.

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with food!


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