Deep colors of Hawaii

Our last adventure on the Big Island was visiting Green sand (Papakolea) beach on the southern shore. The first time I heard about it, I assumed that “green” was a reference to something hypothetical, a legend of sorts. But nope, it was a literal reference to the sand color in that area.

The 5-mile round trip hike was relatively easy for a change as it was following a dirt road along the coast. My only annoyance with it was that a strong headwind caused all that dirt get into my eyes and stick to my sunscreen covered skin. That green sand better be worth it!

Apparently, walking for five miles on a dirt road was not easy enough for everyone. A lot of people opted for an “adventure” ride from locals. For $10-$20 tourists were enjoying a bumpy excursion in the back of old trucks. Whatevs…

Despite all the dirt in my face and lungs, I enjoyed the views. The deep blue color of the Hawaiian waters never seized to amaze me. So much so that I spent 15 minutes trying to take a perfect photo of that color and the waves crashing against the rocks in front of me (the supposedly perfect photo is still on a memory card in my camera).

The beach was located in the crater… Or what was remaining of it. The indeed green color was caused by a mineral called olivine. Hopefully, it will be more pronounced in my photos on D90.

The beach setting was gorgeous. However, the waters were rough as southern shore is infamous for strong currents and big waves. The only living creature in that water was a floating turtle. It was just hanging out close enough for us to see it, but far enough for people to reach it. Turtles are so cute and silly.

After the hike we drove for less than a mile to Southern Point. The most southern point of the US… It’s also an impressive cliff dive spot. I was terrified watching guys (no women jumpers were spotted) jumping from the cliffs into that enchantingly blue water.

I couldn’t keep my eyes away from it. I don’t know why the water was very still and clear in that particular spot. So clear that I could see the bottom even though it was at least 30 feet deep.

That was our last mini-adventure on the Big Island. The rest of the day it rained and we couldn’t do much. Instead, we drove to the airport to catch an earlier flight to Honolulu.

The Big Island was awesome. I highly recommend to spend at least a week there, or even longer.



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