In the Highlands: Day 1

Considering I had issues crossing the streets in London, I wasn’t excited about driving in the UK even though I wasn’t the one driving… Sitting on the wrong side, seeing cars on the wrong side, and making turns to the wrong side wasn’t fun during our first ride. Moreover, the roads in Scotland were narrow and not illuminated.

Matt wasn’t very relaxed either. The picture is deceiving 😉

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Fairy Edinburgh

We arrived while it was still dark, but even the first unlit glimpse of the surrounding architecture and festive adornments got us excited.

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The Caledonian Speeper

It takes about four hours to get from London to Edinburgh by a regular train. However, I thought it would be cool to take a sleeper train that leaves just before midnight and arrives after 7am. Based on multiple British movies (well, at least one) that featured sleeper trains (it was actually traveling through Maroccan desert), I imagined something very British aka fancy. As an extra benefit, it also helped to save money on a hotel for one night and time not spent being stuck on a train during active tourist hours.

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Last supper in London

I randomly stumbled upon this place while researching restaurants for dinner in Shoreditch. Apparently, it’s 26th best restaurant in the world ( But I think the best selling point for me was that when I tried booking the table online, they had only one spot available for the month of December. It means it’s really good, right?

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Dinner at St John Smithfield

After watching Anthony Bourdain’s Layover in London where he mentioned this restaurant as his most favorite in the world, I had to try it.

We managed to get a reservation for 10pm one evening. Late but I didn’t care. Matt, on the other hand, was rather tired. Oh well… We still both enjoyed it very much!

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