At the Tower

The next stop on the itinerary: Tower of London


That’s actually Tower Bridge in the background. But we are inside the Tower.

This guy is guarding Crown Jewels . They guard them so well that I wasn’t able to take a quick photo 🙁


Then we explored the torture tower. Also no photos because it was the lamest exhibit ever.

Then we made our way to the White Tower. There was plenty of opportunity to have fun there.

They even had a dragon! Apparently, it was designed to represent nine institutions of the UK… I guessed maybe one.

The White Tower from the outside

And then off to the Tower Bridge!


  1. imalinka

    Як я люблю такі місця з довгою історією… Розумієш, все, що показують в кіно і пишуть в книжках – це не вигадка

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